Tuesday, May 12, 2015

April news roundup: The results are in…

Critical infrastructure security was a major topic among analyst firms and researchers in April. If you didn’t stay up to date with the findings throughout the month, we prepared a brief recap for you. Included are findings from Dell’s survey on cybersecurity and a report by the Organization of American States. Read more in this month’s news roundup.

Hacks on critical infrastructure are more common than you think (The Inquirer - April 7, 2015)
In a recent report, the Organization of American States found that hackers commonly seek to destroy major critical infrastructures. The report shows that 54 percent of the 575 companies polled encountered attempts to manipulate control systems. Even more troublesome is that 60 percent of the companies detected attempts to steal data.

Cyberattacks on SCADA and industry double in 2014, says Dell (Fox News – April 8, 2015)
Analysis from Dell’s intelligence network shows attacks against SCADA systems have doubled in the last few years. These attacks on industrial systems can cause more damage than traditional hacking because of the risks they pose to critical infrastructures. Of the attacks that Dell investigated, most were against Finland, the U.K. and the U.S. since industrial control systems are commonly used in these countries. Dell also noticed a rise in point-of-sales malware and attacks on payment infrastructure, leading to some of the highest-profile breaches in history.

Are you prepared? This year's fastest growing security threats (Business News Daily - April 14, 2015)
In a more detailed article about the Dell study, Business News Daily offers some key insights from the results. Attacks against SCADA systems are the third largest security threat that businesses should be planning for in 2015. These attacks often go unreported, and when combined with the U.S.’s aging infrastructure, they present huge security risks.

The U.S.’s energy infrastructure will need major changes, says Obama report (Washington Post – April 21, 2015)
According to a recent report released by the Obama administration, the U.S. electric grid will require major changes to adapt to future national security challenges. The report comes in the wake of new developments to the grid system, increased threats from hackers and climate extremes, among other developments.

Protect cybersecurity spending to avoid attacks on energy infrastructure (Newsweek - April 27, 2015)
According to analysts, defense budget cuts have left the U.K. open to cyberattacks. Ewan Lawson, senior military research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, recommends increasing budgets for cybersecurity to prevent attacks on energy infrastructure. He also points to the German steel mill attack, which caused massive damage to the plant control system. An additional report by cybersecurity firm Cylance Corporation shows Iranian actors have hacked into critical infrastructures in the U.K., France, Germany and the U.S.

Did you miss March’s critical infrastructure security news? Check it out in last month’s industrial security news roundup.

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